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Welcome to the world of LexaKnits.  Hand-crafted accessories for the fashion trend-setter with a sense of accenting with unique style, flair and taste.

About LexiKnits

Unique and Fashionable Accessories

LexaKnits is a line of fashion accessories, all of which are handcrafted.  The line includes scarves, necklaces and earrings.  They are all made with a specialized yarn, called "Ladder Yarn".   Variations in the LexaKnits products are a result of using different styles and colors of yarn and applying variations in technique.  Each item is made with the utmost care given to detail and coordination to create a product that can be worn with confidence and pride.  LexaKnits accessories can be worn with almost any ensemble, from modern casual to trend-setting ultra-fashionable, accenting with a sense of unique style, flair and taste.

Colors and Styles

The pictures shown are examples of LexaKnits products and yarns. These are just a few of the colors available.  Products made with other styles of Ladder Yarn are also available.  We are continually adding new colors of Ladder Yarn to our stock, based on maunufacturer availability and customer demand.  All our yarns, manufactured in Europe, assure the finest quality material to meet our highest standards, resulting in the ability to create and offer Lexaknits products wo rich in texture and bursting with color.

Our Pledge

It is our goal at LexaKnits to provide you, the customer, with a quality product which will add unique style to any outfit and can be worn with confidence and pride.  Each item is hand-crafted with the utmost care to create a product of superior quality.

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